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India and tea have been companions for centuries. It is an integral part of many occasions. Whether a rainy day, winter morning or summer afternoon, it becomes a part of every individual to stimulate the senses and refresh the mind and body.

Nityaarna Farms is a place where we value Indian culture and its diversity. But it doesn't defy that certain products like tea are less explored and admired amongst the new generation. We created adaptogenic teas that will encourage Millennials and Gen Z to connect with the tradition without ignoring their lifestyle or life aspirations.

We feel that traditional Indian products have immense potential. That's how we created blends that combine modern adaptogenic ingredients with conventional Ayurvedic wisdom.

Whether you are on a date, wish to enjoy some me-time, or want to be a part of a family occasion, each blend by Nityaarna Farms is purposely crafted to encourage you to enjoy moments while balancing your body, mind, and heart.

Around 64% of Indians drink tea regularly
We offer blends that align with lifestyle choices.

The name "Niyaarna Farms" breaks down like this: Nitya means daily routine, Aarna stands for the "purest form of water", and farms are Nature. It symbolizes long-lasting relationships where one can easily dissolve differences over a cup of tea without ignoring quality. We serve the best quality tea throughout the year.

The aim behind the beginning of Nityaarna Farms was simple. We want to spread warmth and cheer and make the world welcoming.

Our Purpose

We believe that customersshould get a signature rich taste and aroma. This is why every cup of NityaarnaFarms tea is made by blending 100% natural ingredients. What's more? We believeevery cup of our tea shouldn't only refresh your moment and brighten yourfuture. The healing properties of every blend will soothe your mind, body, andsoul. It will soon become an integral part of your healthy lifestyle routine.We will ensure that any blend you choose doesn't only rejuvenate you today butalso every single day.

What do we offer?

1. Add "health" to your lifestyle routine.

2. Deliver superior value to all our stackholds.

3. Be trustworthy in providing authentic wellness producta for conscious liviling.

4. Create a sustainable and holistic brand that loves Mother Nature.

5. Commit to quality and no compromise on being who we are.

6. Deliver genuine herbal products to consumers.

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