Pippali is nothing but a herb that has many medicinal uses. The fruits and roots of Pippali can add a lot of benefits to your health. Pippali, pipli or long peeper fruits are slightly orange to yellow in color and a home remedy for cough, cold, and many physical problems.

It is found in the world’s most tropical areas like Sri-lanka and the middle east. It contains many phytochemicals that help in different health issues.

Let’s get into what Pippali can actually do:

  • Pippali or Pipli acts as a home remedy for cough and cold.


  • It’s high in Phytochemicals like alkaloids that boost the BMR rate of the body. That’s why it can be a great way for weight loss.


  • Pippali has Laxative properties in itself. With the help of this property, it may cure constipation problems by promoting bowel movement.


  • It can set free you from toothache. Rubbing pipli powder with honey on gums can reduce toothache or any oral infection.


  •  Pippali has ingredients that can be useful in giving relief from bronchial asthma.
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