Who doesn’t want to taste the freshness? Lemon balm can play a big role to make you fresh and relaxed. Lemon balm belongs to the mint family. It has a mild lemon aroma and is used to make foods and medicines. This herb is native to west Asia, North America, and Europe but it’s grown around the world. Generally, it’s known for its mood-making quality. But It can create a big impact on different physical problems also.

Now let’s take a closer look at what lemon balm can do:

  • It’s the stress-killer factor. It’s believed to soothe your stress, make your mind calm and boost your mood.
  • The refreshing quality of lemon balm may be used to give you freedom from anxiety. It may make you calm and make your anxiety light. Nervousness can get better with the help of this.
  • Lemon balm may make cognitive function better. It may make you focused and concentrated.
  • A night of healthy sleep is much needed for everyone’s hectic daily work routine. But if you have problems with your sleep cycle then you can go for Lemon balm. It may cure Insomnia.
  • It is believed to cure cold sores. You can even apply it for getting relief from cold-sore.
  • Lemon balm may work in indigestion also. It may give relief from headaches and from period cramps.
  • It can be used for skin problems also.

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