Moringa oleifera or Moringa also goes by the name of “THE DRUMSTICK TREE” for its long and triangular seed pods. We also refer to it as the horseradish tree or the Ben oil tree.

There is a pack of healthful compounds in Moringa like vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, calcium, potassium, or zinc. These compounds are believed to have several physical benefits. It is extremely low in fats and carries no unneeded harmful cholesterol.

From the glamour industry to the health industry Moringa gets used everywhere.

Now let’s take a closer look which benefits can Moringa add to your body:

  • Moringa plays a superior role in the beauty industry. The seed oil of moringa is all your hair needs to be healthy. It is also believed to cure skin infections and it prevents skin cells from getting damaged.
  • Moringa is a low grader in containing unnecessary fats or cholesterol. That’s why it keeps your liver healthy from getting damaged by anti-tubercular drugs and says “hi” to your healthy liver and heart.
  • The drumstick tree is believed to contain NIAZIMICIN which suppresses the rapid development of cancer cells. 
  • Moringa has an anti-inflammatory property in itself. With the help of this trait, it is thought to prevent edema from developing.
  • Moringa is rich in Vitamin B which helps with digestion and might help cure many stomach disorders such as constipation or gastritis.
  • Moringa contains a big factor that helps to reduce excessive glucose levels in the body and set you free from diabetes.
  • With the help of its high anti-oxidant levels, Moringa can help you to have better eyesight.
  • Moringa is known as the “anti factor” for high blood pressure from ages. It contains Niaziminin which helps it to do so.

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