In your everyday busy and tiring schedule all you need is a moment of freshness and adrenaline of pure energy. Everyone should cheer themselves up to get a boost in life. From Monday to Friday, from everyday hustle taking a deep inhale of relaxation we need a power drink. And Nothing can play this role better than “Chai”. But when you also have to be conscious about health, you just can’.t take a sip of sugar-added normal tea. So, what’s left? Just don’t worry Oolong tea is always here for your health and your cravings for tea.


Don’t like the taste of green tea? Don’t worry we always have a family member with us that tastes really amazing.

Generally, Oolong tea belongs to the family of green tea and black tea which is made from the leaves of camellia Sinensis. When it comes to oxidation oolong falls between black and green tea. It has semi-oxidized components that’s why it has EGCg.


  • Makes the brain function way too better:  

Oolong tea has L-Theanine which helps is a natural agent of anti-stress. It enlightens your mood and helps you to feel relaxed. After a stressful day, all you need is a good cup of oolong tea that will make all your stress vanish. Along with that, it may help you to protect against neurodegenerative diseases. Research shows that it may decrease the probability by 28%.

  • Protects you from diabetes:

oolong tea may help normalize your blood sugar level and protect you from diabetes. It may resist your insulin to give you diabetes-free health.

  • Long life to your heart:

nowadays many people used to eat extra oily food or fast foods. As a result, they suffer from many heart problems and that is because of increasing cholesterol levels. Oolong tea may help normalize your cholesterol level and protect you from heart problems. With the help of its anti-oxidants, it gives you an all-cons added heart.

  • Goodbye to all oral problems:

Anti-oxidants of oolong tea may help solve all kinds of oral problems. It may give you protection from bad breath or cavities like many problems as it has mint in it. A survey shows that consuming oolong tea daily may increase the mineral density of your tooth. As a result, the chance of getting fractured or getting a cavity gets down.

  • A vital part of your “fat to fit” journey:

Oolong tea is most famous for its anti-fat quality. It not only cuts your fat but also prevents you from getting extra fat. In research, patients suffering from obesity lost 1 kg weight just by consuming oolong tea in 6 weeks. If you don’t have enough time to have a proper workout session every day or if you used addicted to fast foods but you want to be fit, then all you need is a good cup of oolong tea.

  • Helps to be focused or concentrated:

after a tiring day or at the start of a new day you want energy and focus. Oolong tea kills your stress as it has L-Theanine in itself. As a result, you get concentration and focus.

  • Strengthens your bones:

The anti-oxidants of oolong tea give a lot of extra strength to your bones. It prevents your bones from getting fractured and adds a new life.

  • Better sleep quality:

oolong tea has GABA which is made with L-Theanine and helps to make a good sleep cycle. It reduces sleeping problems and sleeps latency. Oolong tea has about 0.25-2 mg of GABA. And because of that, it may help to get a good and healthy sleep cycle.

 Apart from these oolong teas may also prevent certain cancer and reduce stroke probability.

Yes! Oolong tea has every quality that will help you to stay healthy. What if anyone mixes 15 types of herbs with oolong? No, it is not just a hypothetical situation. NAF does that for only you. When the best quality leaves get mixed with herbs like ashwagandha, turmeric, cardamom, mint, fennel, and 10 more than just boom!

You get a solution for almost every physical problem in a cup of tea. If you are tired you will get a rush of energy, no matter what type of physical problem you have whether it’s oral problem or a diabetic problem oolong will stand for you.

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