• Are you a propagator of Conscious Living? Wanting to start a business of authentic health products?
  • Wish to Create a Sustainable & Holistic Brand? That loves mother nature and delivers genuine holistic products?
  • Wish to begin a healthy lifestyle? But too busy or don't know where to start?
  • Really wish to maintain a healthy weight?, Without having to do exercise?
  • Looking for authentic wellness products?, That actually show you the benefits?

Check out! Nityaarna Farms’ Exclusive Health Products That is a Pinnacle of Purity! A Brand of Oathgrow Pvt. Ltd.

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The herbal tisane teas from NAF are everything a tea enthusiast could desire or need. Each mix is createdspecifically to welcome you to a wellness world where numerous health benefits reside. To check out our100 Herbal Tea SKU’s, Visit Our Detailed Catalogue.

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As they say; ‘There's nothing a cup of tea can't fix!

Every brew produced with Tisane herbal tea leaves guarantees that you'll feel better, enjoy it more, and have more energy all at once.

Chamomile Green Tea

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Chamomile Green Tea

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Chamomile Green Tea

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Chamomile Green Tea

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Haldi-Ashwagandha Wellness Tea

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Levender Hibiscus Relax Tisane

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Haldi-Ashwagandha Wellness Tea

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Levender Hibiscus Relax Tisane

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Benefits of Drinking NAF's Herbal Tea

Diuretic & Laxative

By removing toxins from the body, diuretics and laxatives reduce stress on the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract.

Boosts Immune System

These teas help prevent illnesses, guard against oxidative stress, and reduce the risk of cancer while enhancing the immune system with antioxidants and vitamins.

Promotes good sleep

Chamomile and lavender hibiscus herbal teas have sedative properties that promote restful sleep while balancing neurotransmitter levels and reducing anxiety.

Soothes Pain

The greatest herbal teas for relieving pain are those made with Tulsi, cinnamon, ashwagandha, chamomile, and lemongrass.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Teas with peppermint, ginger, turmeric, and lavender are excellent options for any inflammation-related

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

A cup of calming chamomile, slim sure oolong tea, and lavender hibiscus relaxant tisane can significantly reduce tension.


The Nityaarna Farms' Jaggery Cube Collection is a specially curated range of artisanal jaggery cubes with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the finest farms and vendors. each offering its unique taste sensation and benefits. Our Jaggery cubes are;

  • A range of healthy snacks with 100% natural ingredients
  • It is a source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help boost immunity and overall health
  • Our products are different from other jaggery cubes available in the market as they are made with natural ingredients, free from any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours
  • Moreover, the natural ingredients used in our Jaggery cube Collection offer additional health benefits
  • They are free from refined sugar, making them a much healthier snack for people of all ages
  • Made with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that each cube is of the highest quality and has a taste that will tantalise your taste buds

Our Collection includes

What Makes Our Jaggery Cubes Unique

Naturally Processed

Purest Ingredients


Source of Energy

Try theme today and exprience the difference for yourself!


Nityaarna Farms offers a unique collection of natural sweeteners that bring together the best of Indian Tradition and modern health consciousness. Our collection includes Jaggery Powder, DhaghaMishri, and Khandsar Bura.

Nityaarna Farms Jaggery Powder: Our jaggery powder's quality comes from the 100% natural sugarcane from the best farms in Uttar Pradesh, extracted without chemicals. Benefits that you will reap from NAFS Jaggery Powder:

Nityaarna Farms' Brown Rock Sugar/ DhagaMishri: Nityaarna Farms' Brown Rock Sugar is a healthier option for those who want to reduce their sugar intake. So whether you're looking for a healthier sugar alternative or want to enjoy a delicious treat, NAFS Brown Rock sugar is a perfect choice! It has several nutritional benefits, including the following:

Nityaarna Farms Brown Sugar/ Khandsari Bura: Nityaarna farms' Brown Sugar is made from 100% natural sugarcane sourced from farms off Uttar Pradesh. It is a healthier alternative to refined sugar as it contains no chemicals or artificial additives. Benefits that you reap by Brown Sugar:

How are our sweeteners preferred ones?

Highest Quality

A unique collection of sweeteners

Organic ingredients

Weight Management


Our Way: