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Parthasarathi Dasgupta

Having problems with a fluctuating level of cholesterol as post covid symptom, I find it very good for my metabolism as Curcumin from turmeric tea may help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) as well as total cholesterol levels.


The blend of all that is essentially organic and what makes it stand out is that it has no caffeine. This has become an integral part of my tea ritual!

Rohit Agarwal

The tea color, aroma, and taste are just perfect. Perfect fit for a cup of tea after finishing the office or a late afternoon sip with someone. Calms down the mind with the aroma.

Ramesh Sharma

I write this review after taking this tea more than a week. I really like the taste of tea. It was good in taste and healthy as well. Will buy more units once i complete this pack.


I liked that there is a variety of tea in the tulsi. The scent and flavor are ok, but the tea bags are not even half-filled.

Vikram Rao

This is a premium product with perfectly balanced spices. Perfect tea for the times when you want something warm and relaxing.

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