Jaggery Powder- Premium Natural Sweetener (White)

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At Nityaarna Farms, we value the diversity and depth of Indian culture. Because we use both tradition and expertise in their creation, our goods are not only delicious but also healthful and promote optimal well-being. At Nityaarna Farms, we strive to provide the best herbal tea, jaggery, brown sugar, and other products to our consumers. We sincerely hope you would sample one of our teas and some of our finest jaggery products together to observe the relationship for yourself.

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Herbal Tea

Your senses will be delighted by our aromatic, flavorful, and fresh herbal tea. This season, make time for wellbeing with Nityaarna and incorporate tea into your journey towards better health. We guarantee you will discover the ideal tea from our assortment; there is something for everyone. So, go through our assortment at your leisure and select the ideal tea for you!


Our jaggery goods, which include powdered jaggery, cubed jaggery, and natural jaggery, are renowned for their natural and pure ingredients. Our jaggery infuses your cuisine with a classic Indian flavor. Thus, the next time you're craving something sweet and healthful, pick up some NAFs Jaggery in a variety of flavors and indulge!

Combo Benefits

Concerning the sweetening of your tea, we have you covered. Pick from a variety of combinations that include Jaggery, Dhaga Mishri, Herbal Teas, and Sweeteners. You'll definitely find the ideal combination to fit your taste among our mouthwatering selections.

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