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Oolong tea, which combines the greatest attributes of both black and green teas and offers you a variety of health advantages, is one such beverage that’s worth discovering. Oolong tea is partly oxidized, which gives it its distinctive flavor and color. The leaves can range in color from green to dark brown. It is endowed with a huge amount of catechins.

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Introducing the NAF Slim Sure Oolong Tea, a delicious and flavorful beverage that combines the best features of black and green teas. This tea offers a unique taste and a range of benefits that are worth exploring.

Oolong tea is a partly oxidised tea, which gives it its characteristic flavour and colour. It can range from green to dark brown in colour and is rich in catechins.

NAF Slim Sure Oolong Tea contains a blend of 15 different herbs such as Tulsi, Mint, Ginger, Lemongrass, and more. This tea has a lovely aroma of vegetal herbs and a clear pale yellow colour when brewed.

This tea is perfect for those who prefer Green Tea for its taste and optimal nutrition. It is a great pre-workout beverage that can also aid in weight loss and slimming. Give NAF Slim Sure Oolong Tea a try and discover the amazing taste and benefits of this unique blend.

Ingredients present in this marvelous blend:

• Tulsi
• Mint
• Ginger
• Lemongrass
• Rooibos
• Cinnamon
• Ashwagandha
• Cardamom
• Licorice
• Gymnema Sylvestre
• Pipli
• Jasmine
• Moringa
• Turmeric
• Fennel

This pre-workout tea is healthful and delicious, with a lovely aroma of vegetal herbs. When brewed, it has a clear pale yellow color and a pleasant flavor. A sure bet for individuals who prefer Green Tea for weight loss, slimming, and optimal nutrition.


12 reviews

12 reviews for NAF Slim Sure Oolong Tea (1+1)

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  1. Garima Patwal

    I just got the order yesterday. And yes I ordered it after going through all the reviews that it helps in reducing weight. I am on my way to reduce some kilos.. As of now I can say as people scared of Green Tea because of its bitter taste, those people can go for it.. And will share if I will lose some 👍😀

  2. Anand

    Good from health perspective, but awful in taste. Add lemon to make it somewhat better.

  3. Girish Mathur

    Tea leaves are presented nicely in a Air Tight Box which helps in retaing the flavour.
    Good Flavour & colour

  4. Sumit

    This is oolong tea, without any flavor or scenet, very good for health, just like green tea. Those who want strong liquor and black color, which is not available from green tea, must go to oolong. Mix good leaf tea with for flavour or scent.

  5. Sulagna

    I have been having this tea for two months now. It’s an addiction for me after my meals. I take it twice a day after my breakfast and dinner. It has significantly reduced my bloating issues and worked on my insomnia too.
    Lastly, packaging is excellent and Amazon delivery system is prompt too!

  6. Online Customer

    Tastes premium, feels very good after drinking and effective in case you are looking for weight loss.

  7. Elizabeth

    Can be used instead of green tea… but I’d dint reduce any weight….

  8. Drishti

    perfectly as an original authentic Oolong should be! No compalints.

  9. Girish Mathur

    Tea leaves are presented nicely in a Air Tight Box which helps in retaing the flavour.
    Good Flavour & colour

  10. Sahil

    I liked the taste and the freshness it brings

  11. Kedar K

    It is exactly as promised. It’s quite refreshing. The results may not be visible immediately but after prolonged use, can be seen.

  12. T P Panta

    Sometimes I had bad luck with Oolong tea before so I was suspicious about this tea as well…
    But Wa Oolong tea is really nice.
    Very clean taste and there is slightly fruity flavour I feel.
    ( I mean … Original oolong tea taste but there is elegant fragrance)
    Excellent loose tea.

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